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Bargaining Meeting Minutes – Oct 19 2022

On behalf of the Bargaining Team, here are (1) minutes from the Oct 19 2022 bargaining meeting: 2022-10-19 minutes (2) and the article drafts with comments that were discussed at that meeting: A23 BOT 01 2022-12-14 (pdf) A23 BOT 01 2022-12-14 (word) A22 BOT 03...

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Updates on HB-7

For those of you concerned about the recent legislation surrounding HB 7 there has been some movement by the Board of Governors. They have released a draft policy which includes how public universities are supposed to enforce the provisions of HB 7 along with...

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UFF-UCF Election Results-2022

Greetings all, the Election Committee has verified the results of our Chapter Election. Those who were elected to office appear below. The date they will assume office will be September 1, 2022. Please join me in welcoming our incoming 2022-2024 Chapter Leadership....

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Salary MOU Ratification Results

We completed the ratification vote today at 3:30pm for the Salary MOU and counted the ballots at 4:00pm. In total we had 106 votes cast. We counted 103 yes votes, 2 no votes and 1 ballot with no vote selected. I want to thank everyone who came out to vote in today’s...

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One-Time Payment Discrepancy Resolution

This is an update on the one-time payment discrepancies. For those who are on a summer contract you will know that UCF did not calculate the one time payment correctly so what you received was less than what was featured on the chart. UCF is aware of this error by...

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One-Time Payment Discrepancy

This email comes as a notice that many of you have reported a One Time Payment Discrepancy on their forthcoming June 3 paycheck between how large a one time payment you were entitled to and what appears currently on your June 3 pay stub in MyUCF. At the moment it...

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Chapter Elections Update

We tallied the final ballots from the Chapter Election on Saturday, May 14. We are not ready to announce the full list of winners just yet because of the number of write in candidates. Everyone whose name was printed on the ballot was elected. At the moment we are...

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