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As with any organization, committee work is critical for efficient, successful and meaningful operations. They also help to distribute the work more equitably in a volunteer organization such as ours.

Committee chairs are nominated by the president and affirmed by the chapter council. Members of committees are appointed by committee chairs.  If you feel like contributing to the union, please use the contact form to express your interest!

      Bargaining Committee

Bargaining Committee Chair: Talat Rahman (Physics)

Description of Responsibilities: Note that the bargaining committee is different from the bargaining team. The bargaining team consists of those who sit at the table with the Board of Trustee (BOT) representatives to negotiate the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). While the chief negotiating officer and bargaining team members will often be drawn from this committee, that is not always necessarily the case. Members of the bargaining committee will be expected to attend bargaining sessions between UFF-UCF and the BOT and participate in caucus (i.e., times when only UFF-UCF members meet during negotiations). Members of the committee will also be expected to comment on draft proposals, conduct research, and offer input on bargaining strategies. Members of the bargaining committee will also be responsible for attending committee meetings.

      Grievance Committee

Grievance Committee Chair: Claudia Schippert (Philosophy)

Description of Responsibilities: Those on the grievance committee will need to be good listeners with a working knowledge of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Committee members may have to attend grievance-related meetings as an observer. When comfortable, committee members may engage in such meetings as an active participant.    Members of the grievance committee are expected to commit at least 2 hours a month to meeting with faculty and helping evaluate if their concerns are grievable.

      Diversity and Equality Committee

Diversity and Equality Committee Chair: TBD

Description of Responsibilities: This committee shall study, disseminate information and make recommendations to improve the status of the university constituency. The committee will also help to ensure that UFF-UCF is an organization that promotes and embodies inclusion and diversity. Committee members will be required to meet regularly, as determined by the committee chair.

      Government Relations Committee

Governmental Relations Committee Chair: Yovanna Pineda (History)

Description of Responsibilities: Members of this committee will be responsible for organizing and coordinating all political activities of the organization. This may involve recommending and drafting support for particular political actions or political candidates. Committee members will be expected to meet regularly, as determined by the committee chair.

      Membership Committee

Membership Committee Chair: Yan Fernandez (Physics)

Description of Responsibilities: Members of this committee will help to increase and sustain membership. They will make office visits to non-members to discuss the benefits of becoming a member. They will also make visits to members to discuss union objectives and directions. Committee members will be responsible for meeting regularly, as determined by the committee chair.

      Publications Committee

Publications Committee Chair: Nick Shrubsole (Philosophy)

Description of Responsibilities: Members of this committee are responsible for managing the UFF-UCF website, social media accounts, and general communications with membership.  Committee members will meet regularly, as determined by the committee chair.





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