Grievance Support

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Please fill out the form below. Your department’s designated UFF-UCF Grievance Representative will reach out to you.

You have 30 days to file a grievance. Do NOT wait to contact the contract enforcement chair to get help.


Please read about the Weingarten Rule before having a meeting with a supervisor.

If you need help:

Your contract (the Collective Bargaining Agreement) provides you with many rights and protections. Your Department Chair, Dean, or other administrator may not know what your rights are, and they are under no obligation to fully explain your rights to you.

Our union, the United Faculty of Florida at UCF, is ready to talk with you about your rights and the protections you are offered. Contact us, and we will try our best to answer your questions.

Remember you are not alone

The UFF Contract Enforcement Chair can answer your questions and provide grievance advice to members of the UCF-UFF bargaining unit.

The UCF-UFF bargaining unit includes faculty, librarians, counselors, physicians, and others. UFF also provides grievance representation to its members.

Not a dues paying member?

Due to Florida law and limited resources, our union cannot represent non-dues-paying members in grievance disputes.

If you are not a member, UFF-UCF still represents you in bargaining for contract and salary raises, but UFF-UCF cannot represent you personally.

All faculty have the right to file an individual grievance, but those who were not UFF members when the incident occurred must represent themselves or retain an attorney. Here is the full UFF official policy if you were not a dues-paying union-member at the time a violation of your rights occurred.

Our organization is growing every month. Help build the strength of our faculty and protect your rights by joining UFF-UCF today.

Grievance Representatives

NamePositionUCF OfficePhone NumberDepartment
Seth ElsheimerGrievance Committee Chair


CHEM 332

(office) 407-823-5332Sciences
Hyoung Jin ‘Joe’ ChoGrievance Rep.ENG1 381C(office) 407-823-5014Mech. & Aero. Engr.
Mary DillonGrievance Rep.HPA 224(office) 407-823-3967Social Work
Melissa DoddGrievance Rep.NSC 227(office) 407-823-1711Communication
Scott LaunierGrievance Rep.CNH 304I(cell) 321-225-2080Writing & Rhetoric
Yovanna PinedaGrievance Rep.CNH 540(office) 407-823-3655History
Beatriz Reyes-FosterGrievance Rep.HPH 409I(office) 407-823-2227Anthropology
Lee RossGrievance Rep.HPA1 361(office) 407-823-0757Criminal Justice
Jennifer SandovalGrievance Rep.NSC 245(office) 407-823-5502Communication
Natalie Underberg-GoodeGrievance Rep.OTC5 155(office) 407-823-1140SVAD