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Welcome to the official website for University of Central Florida’s Faculty Union! UFF-UCF proudly represents 1660 faculty and staff.


Union Keeps Working for a Good Contract

Our faculty union returns to the bargaining table this morning.  Listen to the audio around minute 20 to hear Chief Negotiator Jen Sandoval present a master class in how to argue for upholding faculty rights to non-reappointment. Bargaining team member John Raible...

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UFF-UCF in Chronicle of Higher Ed

Shout out to Jack Stripling, Senior writer at the Chronicle, for writing "Spend, Build, Repeat!" "The faculty-union position is that we are not anywhere near the bottom of this," said Scott Launier, president of the university's chapter of the United Faculty of...

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Brevard Teachers Rallied for Competitive Pay

Brevard County teachers, students, support staff, parents, firefighters, letter carriers, machinists, and community members rallied in front of the School Board of Brevard County in support of competitive wages for Brevard’s public schoolteachers and support staff....

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About the United Faculty of Florida at the University of Central Florida


We are Local AFT Chapter 7463. Our UCF faculty union is our collective voice. The more members we have, the more united and powerful we are together. The more the Administration notices our collective power, the more say we have in making UCF the kind of university we all want it to be.

About the Bargaining Process

Bargaining for the 2018-2021 contract is now happening.

The 2015-2018 contract is in effect. Your bargaining team is made up of faculty here at UCF just like you — not lawyers! Please give them your support and your input.

Find out more about our Bargaining Team here.

Have you read the Faculty Contract?

Our Faculty Contract sets forth our rights and responsibilities. 

Take a look at our Current contract here.

Why should you become a member of the faculty union?

Many faculty and staff at UCF are unaware of their rights. UFF at UCF is dedicated to academic freedom and improved work conditions for faculty, staff, and students.

Every year, the bargaining team sits down with the Board of Trustees’ team of attorneys and negotiates the contract.

Become a member today!

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