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Looking for the Memorandum of Understanding between UFF-UCF and the UCF Board of Trustees regarding changes in working conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic? You can find it here: Read the Memorandum of Understanding.

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A Welcome from the New Executive


September 1, 2020

The new UFF-UCF leadership team would like to introduce ourselves to you.

We are an entirely new leadership team and look forward to the challenges ahead representing you and providing you with the support you have come to expect from your union. We will be serving you as the Executive Council of the union over the next two years.

We are:

Robert Cassanello, an associate professor of history in the College of Arts and Humanities and the President of UFF-UCF.

Beatriz Reyes-Foster, an associate professor of anthropology in the College of Sciences and the Vice President of UFF-UCF.

Michael Armato, the Sociology Undergraduate Director and lecturer in sociology in the College of Sciences and the Secretary of UFF-UCF.

Jonathan Beever, Director of the UCF Center for Ethics, Program Director of the Theoretical and Applied Ethics graduate certificate program, and assistant professor of ethics and digital culture in Philosophy and Texts & Technology in the College of Arts and Humanities, and the Treasurer of UFF-UCF.

The recent UFF-UCF election generated the highest turnout in our chapter’s history despite the COVID19 pandemic, economic uncertainty, and the fact that this election was entirely held by mail. We are humbled by the overwhelming support our team received from the UFF-UCF membership. The next two years will bring unprecedented challenges to our chapter. We will have to face the social and economic fallout of the COVID19 pandemic even as we endeavor to keep ourselves and those we care for safe. We also face the challenge of confronting our nation’s history of racial inequality, and we remember we are surrounded by land with a legacy of slavery, lynching, and segregation.

In these uncertain times, we are stronger when we are a collective voice. We are your leadership team. We are not above you, there is no one individual that is the union. We represent everyone in the bargaining unit and we will provide the leadership you have come to expect. We will safeguard the protections our Bargaining Team negotiated on our behalf and be a voice and advocate for the most vulnerable who alone cannot be heard.

Please provide us with feedback; this union is your organization and we are here to listen.

We thank you for the faith you have placed in us to rise to these challenges. We are eager to prove ourselves worthy of your trust and look forward to working with you to strengthen our union.

Robert Cassanello, President (he, him, his)
Beatriz Reyes-Foster, Vice President (she, her, ella)
Michael Armato, Secretary (he, him, his)
Jonathan Beever, Treasurer (he, him his)

June 2,2020


George Floyd.  Ahmaud Aubery.  Breonna Taylor.   One more family devastated.  One more child without a parent.   The list goes on and on, with incidents almost too frequent to be reported.   Their crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time… and to be Black.  The United Faculty of Florida strongly condemns not only the brutal murder of George Floyd, but the systemic racism that tries to excuse this and countless other acts of violence by law enforcement against Black Americans.

In a nation that boasts of guaranteeing its citizens life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Black Americans are too often denied basic human rights that many of us take for granted.   They can’t jog without worrying about being shot.   They can’t sleep without worrying about being killed.  They can’t even go bird watching in a public park without being threatened.

No one should be afraid to live their lives as they choose or to seek help from police because of their skin color.  A mother shouldn’t be worried about her teenager because he wants to spend time in public with his friends.  Fathers should not have to see murders on live TV, and project that nightmare onto their own children.  Families should not have to bury their loved ones before they have graduated from high school or known the joy of holding a grandchild.

At UFF, we are committed to representing a diverse membership.  We cherish that diversity.  We only hope that we can understand the pain, anger and the outrage that these continued atrocities have produced.   We stand with the thousands who have vocally and peacefully taken to the streets of our country.   We stand with those who are the victims of this violence.  We stand with those who are no longer requesting, but demanding, meaningful change.

The rage coursing through the streets of Minneapolis and other cities is born from hundreds of years of prejudice played out as personal discrimination or legal bias.  We oppose any form of violence but cannot delude ourselves into believing that the responsibility lies only with others.  It also lies within ourselves.  Not one of us should feel that we are untouched by the effects of the pernicious disease of racism.  Recent events only underscore this fact.  The disproportionate mortality rate of the COVID virus on communities of color is only one more indication of its tragic and enduring legacy.  We call upon our members, families, colleges, and communities to stand with us against racism in all its forms.

We also call upon Law Enforcement, and, particularly, our union sisters and brothers in Law Enforcement, to examine their contracts and policies to ensure that they are written in ways that hold those charged with keeping the peace accountable for their actions.   We cannot claim to be a state which prizes equality so long as we have a criminal justice system that disproportionately impacts marginalized communities.

Those endangered by racism are our members and colleagues, families and friends, students and former students. It is critical at this time that we not only speak out but live out the values that we claim to cherish.  Demands for respect, civility, diversity, equality, and inclusion cannot just be empty words shouted in the heat of the moment. We must speak up and speak out whenever we witness hatred, racism or injustice, however small or subtle it might be.  This must be a part of what we do every minute of the day in both our personal and professional lives.

In our role as educators, researchers, and mentors, we must prepare those we teach to commit to vigorous and wholehearted participation in our democracy.  An honest civic discourse cannot and may not obscure the truth.  This cannot be “normal”.  The killings must stop.  The system must change.  We all must work together to build a just society, where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are guaranteed for each and every one of us, wherever we were born, whomever we love, and whatever the color of our skin.

Bargaining Sessions, Sept 16 @ 1:30 p.m.

Bargaining Sessions, Sept 16 @ 1:30 p.m.

September 15, 2020 Bargaining Reminder, Wednesday September 16 @ 1:30pm-3:30pm Don't forget to come out and support your Bargaining team September 16 from 1:30pm-3:30pm. The session is on Zoom and you can get the details by emailing Briannis Weston. Let's come out and...

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Labor Day Message

Labor Day Message

September 7, 2020 We hope you are enjoying your Labor Day Holiday. Labor Day is an opportune moment to reflect on the ways in which the Labor Movement and Unions have positively impacted workers everywhere. From the weekend to the 40-hour work week and to workplace...

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