UFF-UCF Post Tenure Review Cease and Desist Letter

We want to remind everyone that we (UFF-UCF) delivered a Cease and Desist letter to UCF concerning Post Tenure Review. Cease and Desist Letter PTR-1

We put UCF on notice that they cannot implement Post Tenure Review until it is successfully bargained. As such we expect UCF to comply with this notice. If a supervisor communicates with you that you need to prepare for Post Tenure Review, we are asking that you document this by email, send us a copy of that email to president@uffucf.org and we will follow up with UCF. Remember the only way we have this legal option is because we have a Contract (Collective Bargaining Agreement). As long as we are a certified union and recognized as the bargaining agent of faculty and other employees at UCF then we have this option concerning Post Tenure Review. Without a certified union our Cease and Desist Letter has no authority. If you want to do something about this, then join us and help keep our union.