Bargaining for our UCF Contracts

Bargaining Proposals

Bargaining for the 2018-2021 contract is now happening.

The 2015-2018 contract is in effect. However Article 30.1(c) of the contract says that some articles — “Articles 3, 23, and any other articles mutually agreed to by the parties” — can be re-bargained for the 2017-2018 academic year. Bargaining on those articles started in March 2017 and ended in January 2018. You can read the new articles here.

You can find the old bargaining proposals for the overall 2015-2018 contract here. Bargaining for all the articles was completed in November 2015, and the ratification vote was in December 2015.

Bargaining Team

Your bargaining team is made up of faculty here at UCF just like you — not lawyers! Please give them your support and your input.

Submit Your Comments and Suggestions

Please keep us informed of all issues and concerns that are of importance to you. Send email to the bargaining team or printed campus mail to:

Dr. Jennifer Sandoval, Ph.D., UFF-UCF Chief Negotiator
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for Communication and Conflict
NSC 245, Nicholson School of Communication and Media

Request Updates by Email

If you are an individual within the bargaining unit at UCF represented by United Faculty of Florida and are not already receiving email updates about bargaining, send an email to the bargaining team to be added to the distribution list. To assist us in verifying that you are in the bargaining unit, please include First and Last Name, Department or Unit, preferred email address, office telephone and office address.

Bargaining Updates

Collective Bargaining Update as of October 25th 2018

Our union spoke directly to the Board of Trustees (BOT) on September 27th about bargaining in good faith and in a timely manner. Our UFF team consistently has offered reasonable proposals designed to improve our working conditions at UCF, including contract language about benefits, leaves, promotion and tenure procedures, summer appointments, and awards.

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United Faculty of Florida at UCF
United Faculty of Florida at UCF
Today the UFF and BOT teams made significant progress, tentatively agreeing on eight articles, including nondiscrimination, employee performance evaluations, tenure, and promotion procedure.

UFF-UCF had several wins! We introduced new language in our contract that allows instructors and lecturers to have a say in creating and voting on their own evaluation standards (AESPs). The UFF team also successfully fought back against the BOT’s proposed language to relegate annual evaluations to “supervisor’s judgement” and this language has now been stricken from our tentative agreement, along with other proposed language that may hurt our faculty!

We discussed and are coming closer to an agreement on salaries. BOT team presented a proposal and we offered a counter proposal. We will continue to negotiate salaries on Wednesday afternoon, December 19, 2018 (Time and location TBA). Please check us out on Facebook and our website ( for Upcoming Time and Location!
United Faculty of Florida at UCF
United Faculty of Florida at UCF
Bargaining Progress! Signing a Tentative Agreement for Articles 22, 26, 27 & 28.
United Faculty of Florida at UCF
United Faculty of Florida at UCF
Bargaining Session, Tuesday, 11/27, 10:00am-2:00pm in Millican Hall 395


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