Results of Our May 21 Contract Bargaining Session

Results of Our May 21 Contract Bargaining Session

Our UFF-UCF Bargaining Team was back in session Tuesday morning, negotiating the contract topics of Benefits and Appointments with the UCF Board of Trustees team. This was our 29th bargaining session for the current 2018-2021 contract.

Article 24, Benefits, was first on the table, with UCF Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Chuck Reilly offering an alternative to phased retirement for discussion. The proposal is to delete the Phased Retirement Program from the contract (24.5), for a new “Transition-to-Retirement Program” (T2RP) in its place.

UFF-UCF Chief Negotiator Dr. Jen Sandoval, UFF-UCF employment attorney Richard Siwica, and our leadership team will review this newly-proposed program for us before our next bargaining session. Both the BOT and UFF-UCF will research retirement plans that address our faculty members’ needs.

Next up for discussion was Article 8, Appointment. The BOT handed out a proposal with possibly negative changes but the team negotiated to remain at status quo with only a few language changes to add clarity to the article. We TA’d (“tentatively agreed”) on Article 8.

Our next bargaining session, number 30, is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11,  from 10:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. in Millican Hall meeting room MH 395-E (the Provost Conference Room).

We will discuss Article 24 again and Article 9, Assignment of Responsibilities, at the next session. Learn more about our bargaining process and see all upcoming session dates on our Bargaining page.

Below is a list of those who attended Tuesday, May 21.

UFF-UCF Bargaining Team (The Faculty Union):

  • Jennifer Sandoval – UFF-UCF Chief Negotiator
  • Yovanna Pineda – UFF-UCF Treasurer
  • Scott Launier – UFF-UCF President
  • John Raible – UFF-UCF Bargaining Team
  • Richard Siwica – UFF-UCF Employment Attorney

UCF Board of Trustees Bargaining Team (The University BOT):

  • Michael Mattimore – UCF Employment Lawyer, Managing Partner of Allen Norton & Blue, P.A.
  • Sara H. Potter – UCF Associate General Counsel
  • Charles “Chuck” Reilly – UCF Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Charlie Piper – UCF Assistant Director, Contract Compliance and Administrator Support

Session Guests:

  • Aisha Morfe-Bencosm – UCF Benefits Assistant Manager
  • Ashley Longoria – UCF HR Associate Director, Benefits & Leave Administration
  • Briannis Weston – UCF Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost
  • Michael Armato – UFF-UCF Secretary
  • Louis Torretta – Legal intern with Richard Siwica and UCF graduate
  • Dave Plotkin – UFF-UCF Communications

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UFF-UCF Continues Contract Bargaining Today for a 28th Session

UFF-UCF Continues Contract Bargaining Today for a 28th Session

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Our UFF-UCF union Bargaining Team continues negotiations with the UCF Board of Trustees today, the 28th session of this contract.

Representatives for the UCF BOT will meet again with our faculty representatives to determine the employment contract for every UCF faculty member, regardless of UFF-UCF membership.

Today is expected to conclude with a closing of the contract, though five articles remain before the end of negotiations. Our bonus and salary raises were already finalized and signed on March 21.

Today’s session is from 9:30 a.m. until about 12:00 p.m. in EDU 305. Faculty are welcome to attend.

You can find a list of the bargaining session dates on the Bargaining page of our website. You can also find them listed on our Calendar page.

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Chronicle of Higher Education Includes UFF-UCF in Coverage of University’s Financial Scandal

Chronicle of Higher Education Includes UFF-UCF in Coverage of University’s Financial Scandal

Chronicle of Higher Education includes UFF-UCF in coverage of financial scandal at UCF

The crisis at Central Florida has further strained relations between administrators and some of the university’s unionized faculty members. For them, this isn’t a byzantine story about a university’s tapping the wrong pot of money for a building in violation of some obscure regulation. It’s the story of an administration willfully taking money that should have gone to faculty salaries, all the while poor-mouthing to the union in collective-bargaining sessions.

“The faculty-union position is that we are not anywhere near the bottom of this,” said Scott Launier, president of the university’s chapter of the United Faculty of Florida. “We’ve known for years that we’ve been lied to about how much money there was to compensate and provide for faculty.”

Launier found a tongue-in-cheek reason to be upbeat about the unfolding story.

“Every year, the university has said, ‘We would like to give you more money, but we don’t have it,'” said Launier, a writing and rhetoric instructor. “It is nice that they have finally changed that narrative, and they have finally said, ‘We have the money, we just don’t want to give it to you.’ At least we’re having an honest conversation.”

Read the whole article here.

Brevard Teachers Rallied for Competitive Pay

Brevard Teachers Rallied for Competitive Pay

Brevard County teachers, students, support staff, parents, firefighters, letter carriers, machinists, and community members rallied in front of the School Board of Brevard County in support of competitive wages for Brevard’s public schoolteachers and support staff. The board room filled up quickly, with both overflows being opened. People lined the walls and sat on the ground, and some people who came to the public meeting were even turned away.

Brevard’s teachers are above average in performance, second in experience in the state, yet are paid $1,103 below the state average. A spokesperson for the district cited security as a reason why teachers were not getting a competitive pay offer. “The idea that teachers should have to choose between a living wage and the safety of their classrooms is a shame,” said Vanessa Skipper, Vice President of the Brevard Federation of Teachers.

All districts received the same FEFP funding from the state and many have already given their employees a raise that keeps up with inflation, and in many cases, exceeds it. “We passed the half cent tax to help with many aspects of school security. Not only has it added funds for this purpose, but the funds generated have come in at higher than expected. The idea that there isn’t money to give us a raise that is competitive with our contiguous and comparable counties is inaccurate,” said Anthony Colucci, President of the Brevard Federation of Teachers.

UCF VP for Equity, Inclusion & Diversity:  Feedback Needed!

UCF VP for Equity, Inclusion & Diversity: Feedback Needed!

Four finalists for UCF’s new Vice President for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity are on campus next week to meet the campus community.

Each candidate will give a presentation at an open forum held at the FAIRWINDS Alumni Center in the grand ballroom. The new vice president will lead and organize an infrastructure to foster community engagement, develop partnerships to bring about transformative change and identify and support target areas to maximize inclusive excellence at UCF. The vice president will develop an institutional framework for equity, inclusion and diversity that supports the university’s mission and strategic plan, ensuring the pillars of equity, inclusion and diversity are embedded at all levels.

More information on the finalists – including forum times and links for web casts, candidate details and forum feedback – can be found below. Your feedback is important to this process. Surveys should be completed within 24 hours of each forum.

Dr. Gregory J. Vincent
Forum: Tuesday, January 22, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
YouTube link:
Candidate info:

Sheree M. Ohen
Forum: Wednesday, January 23, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
YouTube link:
Candidate info:

Dr. Carlos Medina
Forum: Thursday, January 24, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
YouTube link:
Candidate info:

Monica Díaz
Forum: Friday, January 25, 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.
YouTube link:
Candidate info:

More information about the position and the candidates can be found at