Bargaining Update, Dec. 13 2018

Bargaining Update, Dec. 13 2018

Today the UFF and BOT teams made significant progress, tentatively agreeing on eight articles, including nondiscrimination, employee performance evaluations, tenure, and promotion procedure.

UFF-UCF had several wins! We introduced new language in our contract that allows instructors and lecturers to have a say in creating and voting on their own evaluation standards (AESPs). The UFF team also successfully fought back against the BOT’s proposed language to relegate annual evaluations to “supervisor’s judgement” and this language has now been stricken from our tentative agreement, along with other proposed language that may hurt our faculty!

We discussed and are coming closer to an agreement on salaries. BOT team presented a proposal and we offered a counter proposal. We will continue to negotiate salaries on Wednesday afternoon, December 19, 2018 (Time and location TBA). Please check us out on Facebook and our website ( for Upcoming Time and Location!

Fall 2018 Consultation with the Provost

December 5, 2018
1:00 – 2:30 pm
Millican Hall 395

UFF-UCF 2018 Fall Consultation Agenda

  • PDL applications should not be held up waiting for a dean’s signature
  • Faculty need a paper-based option for evaluations when serving on committees such as promotions, awards and tenure. There is much research that increased screen-reading time negatively impacts eye health. Also, faculty should receive all applications at one time, not one at a time as they come in.
  • Office space expectations and problems related to moving downtown
  • How are students in the summer ACCESS program being placed into courses? Is it true that students are randomly enrolled in classes based on alphabetical order of last names? Is it true that students in the ACCESS program do not get to choose the courses in which they enroll? What is the process by which students enroll in summer courses when they are in the ACCESS program, and is this a process that can or should improve?
  • HR should align language and practices with the CBA. For example—paid parental should not be a memo of understanding nor indicate it requires dean’s approval
  • Departments being grossly overcharged for alterations to labs, etc.
  • Update: Making UCF a more diverse and inclusive campus—how are we doing and what are next steps?
  • Culture of toxic work environments in pockets across the university:
    • management harassment; gender discrimination; micro-aggression; paternalism; cultural miscommunication
    • employee mistreatment; retaliation/fear of retaliation for using or standing up for contract rights
Florida Amendment 4, Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Initiative Passes

Florida Amendment 4, Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Initiative Passes

 Amendment 4, Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Initiative passed with 63% of the vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6th. Florida was one of four state permanently denying voting rights of convicted felons. The victory means more than 1 million people will regain the right to vote.

UFF-UCF President Scott Launier is a producer of “Let My People Vote” a documentary following Desmond Meade as he leads the largest voting rights movement in America since the work of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

Desmond has repaid his debt to society for a drug conviction over a decade ago. Desmond has earned a Juris Doctor degree since parole and Desmond still can’t vote, and is barred from practicing law in the state of Florida.

The amendment was officially supported by Desmond’s Floridians for a Fair Democracy, which gathered more than 1.1 million petitions to put it on the ballot.

LLI Graduates Johanna Lopez and Maribel Cordero Both Win

LLI Graduates Johanna Lopez and Maribel Cordero Both Win

Two graduates of Latino Leadership Institute’s Electoral Activism and Leadership Academy, Maribel Cordero for Orange County Commission District 4, and Johanna Lopez for Orange County School Board District 2 have made history and won their perspective races.

Johanna Lopez, a long-time teacher and mentor, received over 60% of the vote for a decisive victory over David Grimm. Johanna campaigned on accountability for for-profit charter schools, less testing in schools, and equatable representation of students in a District that is over 40% Latinx. The installation ceremony is Monday, November 26, 2018 at 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM at 445 W Amelia St, Orlando, Florida 32801.

Maribel Cordero narrowly defeated Susan Makowski, long-time aide of County Commissioner Jennifer Thompson. On November 12th Makowski notified the Supervisor of Elections to discontinue the recount, solidifying Cordero’s win. Cordero campaigned on smart growth, public safety, jobs, and support for seniors.

Latino Leadership Institute’s Electoral Activism and Leadership Academy is series of workshops and seminars for Latinx leaders interested in running for office. Students learn about campaign management, fundraising, branding, and more. Applications for the spring are opening soon.