Yesterday, the Board of Trustees did not approve the second 1.25% raise contingent on the final UCF budget. Your union leadership is extremely disappointed with the Board’s decision to not follow through with our negotiated raise in full. We are sure you have many questions and want to briefly provide a clear explanation of UFF-UCF’s plan. 

What this means:
  • In August a 2% increase reflecting the bargained increase for 2018-2019 was implemented. 
  • Today, an automatic 1.25% increase was applied. You will see that reflected in your October 11th paycheck.
  • The second 1.25% raise will not be applied per BOT decision.
  • The MOU now requires salary bargaining re-open. 
What UFF-UCF is doing right now:
  • The bargaining team is prioritizing salary negotiations.
  • We have requested budget documentation that lead to the Board’s decision to not implement the contingent raise.  
  • We have a bargaining session on the calendar for October 8 at 1 p.m. and we have asked for an additional session just for salary negotiation.
UFF-UCF’s Position:
  • We do not agree with the Board’s interpretation of the current budget status or their explanation that there are no funds for the second part of the raise.
  • We believe faculty have been required to work in a stressful environment through enormous transition and ambiguity with no recognition of the toll the last couple of years has taken on us collectively.
  • While UCF continues to say faculty are the backbone of this university, leadership has not taken action to adequately support us.
  • We will continue to fight for fair and equitable compensation for our bargaining unit.

We will not give up and we are stronger together!


In solidarity,

Jennifer A. Sandoval, Ph.D., UFF-UCF Vice President and Chief Negotiator
Scott Launier, President
Yovanna Pineda, Ph.D., UFF-UCF Treasurer
Mike Armato, Ph.D., UFF-UCF Secretary


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