Dear Colleagues:

The collective bargaining teams of the United Faculty of Florida and the UCF Board of Trustees have reached tentative agreement on the 2018-2021 collective bargaining agreement. This is the 5th consecutive year that bargaining concluded amicably and avoided going to impasse.

As a member of the bargaining unit, you now have the opportunity to vote on whether to approve these articles. If the majority of you vote “YES,” the contract will go into effect pending ratification by UCF’s Board of Trustees on September 19, 2019. If the majority of you vote “NO”, the UFF and BOT will return to the bargaining table and resume negotiations.

All members of the bargaining unit, whether a dues-paying member of UFF-UCF or not, are entitled to vote. In an effort to make voting as inclusive as possible, there will be voting locations at the main, downtown, and Rosen campuses.

Tentative Agreement Contract

Below is a breakdown of the articles of the contract. Be informed! Review the contract carefully before casting your vote!

Status Quo or no substantive changes:
  • Recognition: 1
  • Consultation: 2
  • UFF Privileges: 3
  • Management Rights: 4
  • Appointment: 8 
  • Evaluation File: 11
  • Inventions and Works:18
  • Conflict of Interest: 19
  • Other Employee Rights: 21
  • UFF Insurance Deductions: 25
  • Maintenance of Benefits: 27
  • Miscellaneous: 28
  • Severability 29
Minor changes:
Major Updates:

Voting Instructions

In accordance with PERC (Public Employees Relations Commission) regulations, there will be no absentee voting. Voting will be held in person at the following locations 10:00am to 12:30pm, Monday, Sep. 16, 2019:

  • Main Campus Library Lobby
  • Downtown Campus DPAC 455
  • Rosen Campus Room 102 I


UFF-UCF encourages you to vote YES to approve the tentative collective bargaining agreement. 


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