Our UFF-UCF Bargaining Team was back in session Tuesday morning, July 16, continuing negotiations on the contract topics of Assignment of Responsibility (Article 9) and Benefits (Article 24) with the UCF Board of Trustees team. This was our 31st bargaining session for the current 2018-2021 contract.

Some great news to report: We closed our final substantive Articles 9 and 24. At our next session on August 1, we plan to finalize the contract details. The UCF BOT also handed out Article 30 (Amendment and Duration), Article 32 (Definitions), and Appendices, for final discussion on August 1. That next session is Thursday, August 1st from 1:00pm to 3:30pm, in EDU 305.


Read our faculty contract here, and learn about our bargaining process and session dates on our Bargaining page. Below is a list of those who attended Tuesday, June 11.

UFF-UCF Bargaining Team (the Faculty Union):

  • Jennifer Sandoval – UFF-UCF Chief Negotiator
  • Yovanna Pineda – UFF-UCF Treasurer
  • John Raible – UFF-UCF Bargaining Team
  • John Fauth (by phone) – UFF-UCF Bargaining Team
  • Richard Siwica – UFF-UCF Employment Attorney

UCF Board of Trustees Bargaining Team (the University BOT):

  • Michael Mattimore – UCF Employment Lawyer, Managing Partner of Allen Norton & Blue, P.A.
  • Sherry Andrews – UCF Associate General Counsel
  • Sara H. Potter – UCF Associate General Counsel
  • Charles “Chuck” Reilly – UCF Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Ross Wolf – UCF Interim Assistant Provost of UCF Downtown

Session Guests:

  • Briannis Weston – UCF Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost
  • Louis Torretta – Legal intern with Richard Siwica and UCF graduate
  • Dave Plotkin – UFF-UCF Communications

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