Today the UFF and BOT teams made significant progress, tentatively agreeing on eight articles, including nondiscrimination, employee performance evaluations, tenure, and promotion procedure.

UFF-UCF had several wins! We introduced new language in our contract that allows instructors and lecturers to have a say in creating and voting on their own evaluation standards (AESPs). The UFF team also successfully fought back against the BOT’s proposed language to relegate annual evaluations to “supervisor’s judgement” and this language has now been stricken from our tentative agreement, along with other proposed language that may hurt our faculty!

We discussed and are coming closer to an agreement on salaries. BOT team presented a proposal and we offered a counter proposal. We will continue to negotiate salaries on Wednesday afternoon, December 19, 2018 (Time and location TBA). Please check us out on Facebook and our website ( for Upcoming Time and Location!