This is to announce that we have a signed Salary MOU. You can read it here.

What this means is we will begin the ratification process tomorrow sometime with an announcement of all the details. We are still working out the locations and logistics to ratification. We plan to host an in person ratification because PERC will no longer allow online ratification and we can’t host a mail in ratification because we are still finalizing our chapter elections and by law we can’t host two mail in elections at the same time. So the ratification must be in person.

What you need to know it that ratification will take place at different times in 1 1/2 hour windows at the Rosen, Downtown and Main Campuses on Tuesday May 31. You must be in person to vote we can’t allow remote or proxy voting. UCF has agreed to let those people in the bargaining unit without a summer parking decal to park on each campus to vote during these windows. Details of where, when and parking will follow tomorrow.

In solidarity,

Robert Cassanello,
UFF-UCF, President