On Monday May 16 at 2pm we will have the next Bargaining Session, which we hope to wrap up this MOU. It now appears on the UCF Events Calendar.

You can access the Zoom link directly here.

The bargaining team would like to thank everyone who attended the bargaining session Thursday. We also would like to thank the 312 people who left us comments and filled out our survey. We do not want to publicly release the data from the survey, but if any individual is interested in the results if you email me I will send you the charts. Your feedback is important for us to make the decisions we make in bargaining.

Some of you indicated some common concerns about the Salary MOU. Please let me address those concerns:

  1. Active status means that even if you are not on contract in the summer (a 9-month contract) yet scheduled to return in the fall you are “active status” and will receive the one time payment.
  2. This is a one time bargain, unrelated and unconnected to reopening Article 23 Salaries in September 2022. So this has no impact on our upcoming salaries bargaining in September.
  3. According to UCF these are unused funds that will have to returned to the state on July 1 if unspent, the funds came from various places in the general budget.
  4. We’ve asked that all AUX funded employees be given a one time payment and UCF said they will get back to us at the meeting today at 2pm.
  5. During the 2020-2022 Full Book negotiations, UCF from day one said they would not separate Article 23 Salaries from the rest of the contract, thus we could not distribute those salary raises or one time payment immediately because UCF said no to this. Some of you believe it was the union that held this up or slowed it down. This is not true, we asked to separate that article and UCF refused.

On the form many of you communicated your support and appreciation for the bargaining team and we thank you for that.

In Solidarity,

Robert Cassanello
UFF-UCF, President