This is the official announcement that we will be having an online ratification for COVID MOU #4, recently bargained by our UFF-UCF Bargaining Team. I ask that you look over the tentative agreement for COVID MOU #4.

All members of the Bargaining Unit can vote in this ratification, you do not have to be a member of UFF-UCF to vote, voting eligibility is universal to everyone the union represents, members and non-members. If you are getting this email you are eligible to vote.

The COVID MOU #4 contains the following:

  1. A process on notification if assignments change due to COVID conditions.
  2. The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) will take requests about accommodations from employees with disabilities.
    3. Faculty can hold offices hours virtual during the fall 2021 semester.
    4. A process for all employees in the bargaining unit to work remotely if directed to quarantine by a health care provider.

We have a variance with PERC (Public Employee Relations Commission) that allows us to host an online ratification. You can read it here.

I will send an email out on September 29 with the link to the online Ballot. You will be able to vote through a two week window until voting ends and we announce the results. The two week window will be from September 29 until October 13. We will announce the results on October 14.

Rationale: Ratifying this MOU establishes important rights, mutual expectations and guidelines during the fall while we are still engaging the pandemic and its consequences from the Delta Variant. Upon successful ratification the MOU will be in effect until December 23, 2021.

Fall MOU Ratification Timeline

September 23, MOU is signed
September 23-First notice goes out-with link to MOU, summary of MOU
September 23-28-Read the MOU and prepare for ratification
September 29-First day of ballot access
October 13-End Ballot Access (Two Weeks of voting)
October 14-Announce results

In Solidarity,

Robert Cassanello
UFF-UCF, President