I will be updating you on the ratification process for Article 23 over the coming weeks. There are various steps, many still to be worked out. What I would like to announce is that we will be having a ratification by mail, I will formally announce this when all the information for the mail in voting is finalized and we are ready to make an official announcement. The reason for this is because we do not have permission for an online ratification and to get such permission may take two months and hold up this article from taking effect.

While you wait for further instructions, I ask that you look over the tentative agreement for Article 23:Salaries. If you go to our website under “Proposals for 2020-2021 Negotiations” you will see the previous versions of this proposal so you can see what is different from past iterations. If you have questions about the article please email them to me.

If you have questions or concerns about the ratification process please let me know.

Have a safe, healthy and happy semester break.

In solidarity,

Robert Cassanello
UFF-UCF President