This email comes as a notice that many of you have reported a One Time Payment Discrepancy on their forthcoming June 3 paycheck between how large a one time payment you were entitled to and what appears currently on your June 3 pay stub in MyUCF.

At the moment it appears to impact 9-month employees not 12-month employees. The discrepancy does not appear universal. We believe it is only impacting 9 month employees on a summer contract.

I have already contacted UCF for an explanation and they looked into this. They told me they learned there was an error in calculating people’s FTEs who were on summer contracts. I am told this will be addressed this week. When I get details from UCF I will let you all know when to expect the rest of your payment.

I know this may be stressful, but we are working to be sure everyone is paid as they are expected.

In Solidarity,

Robert Cassanello,
UFF-UCF, President