HB 1197: Employee Organizations Representing Public Employees-This bill from last year which would require public employee unions to have over 50% membership for certification failed to make it to the Senate floor for a vote so it did not pass.

The Budget

The Florida Legislature decided to stay in session for another week with only considering legislation (amendments) related to passing the Budget. Some legislators attached a “conforming bill” to the budget at the last minute. This type of bill cannot be separated from the budget so when the budget passes this bill passes with it. The language of the bill concerning university funding is below:

1001.92 State University System Performance-Based Incentive.— (5) Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, if any institution is found to have a substantiated violation of s. 1000.05(4)(a), the institution shall be ineligible to receive performance funding during the next fiscal year following the year in which the violation is substantiated. Substantiated findings are those as determined by a court of law, a standing committee of the Legislature, or the Board of Governors.

What this language means is that any college or university that has been found violating HB 7 (The Anti-Woke) Legislation would have their performance funding stripped the following year.

This bill will not be debated but passes when the budget it passed.

In Solidarity,

Robert Cassanello,
UFF-UCF, President