As President of our union I would like to state unequivocally that UCF, our workplace, everyone in the bargaining unit, everyone who steps into the classroom or assists those that teach our students are not involved in a clandestine (or overt) scheme to indoctrinate our students. We are professionals and we take our craft and our jobs seriously.

Our Union recognizes this.

Remember too the “intellectual diversity” survey is unnecessary and based on myth. There are some people in the university system who advocate taking the survey. Clay Calvert, a communications and first amendment scholar at the University of Florida, recommends such an action. You can read his interview in Rolling Stone here where he presents his argument. I share this so you can read other points of views.

I respectfully disagree with Professor Calvert. The bias about our public universities as centers of “indoctrination” is baked in the political rhetoric and the legislation. We need to face the fact that whatever the results of such a survey report become will be subordinate to the effort to push this indoctrination narrative, not ameliorate it.

Our Union recognizes this.

According to the legislation there is no requirement to take the survey, we expect UCF to not mandate the survey. Please be assured that we are bound by our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Article 5 enshires us with Academic Freedom. Do not feel bullied in this politicized environment, your rights are still protected in the classroom, in your research as scholars and as professionals.

If you have questions or concerns about how any of this legislation or state education policies might impact you personally please bring them to our union. Email me at We are staying on top of these issues and policies. The first line of defense is to be informed.

In Solidarity,

Robert Cassanello