Free Coffee on your Union

Many of you have approached us because you miss our regular receptions at Azteca D’ Oro

on University Blvd. We hope to pick up the reception or something like it when it is safe to return to campus and meet in person.

What we want to do is offer you a cup of coffee on us. We want to make this a social media reception. If you give us your name and address (and you are in the bargaining unit), we will mail you a $10 gift card for Foxtail Coffee. In the spirit of the semester reception everyone in the bargaining unit is welcomed not just members. Foxtail has numerous locations around Orlando, one on University Blvd across the street from Azteca D’ Oro as well as in the campus bookstore in the John T. Washington Center.

When you get your coffee (or any other item) please find us on Facebook or Twitter and post a photo of your coffee with a message to everyone.

You have until May 10 to put your order in for the card, with cards being mailed out by the end of May. During the summer send us a photo of your cup of coffee.

The form to request the card is here.

Reminder: Ask us a question!!

Don’t forget your UFF-UCF President will record a State of the Union Message that will be streamed and available as a podcast. I want to take your questions too.

Please go to the link below.

Robert Cassanello
President, UFF-UCF