President Cartwright and UCF Leadership Open Forum

Please don’t forget today (Friday-Dec. 4) at 3pm there is an open forum at UCF. You have the ability to ask questions of the President and the leadership team. You should have received the email with the links, if not email me and I can provide them.

At Florida Atlantic University the administration made faculty eligible to teach remotely who are 65 or older while we are still only accounting for people who are 70 or over. Since FAU adheres to the CDC age guidelines strictly, why can’t we at UCF?

I have asked this question and I am still waiting for an answer. If you would like an answer to this question considering submitting it for today’s open forum. You can do so below:

“Why does UCF adhere to some of the CDC guidelines for the spring return but not the age requirement? What does the UCF administration know about the people at and over the age of 70 the CDC does not?”

More Spring COVID policies around the SUS

“It doesn’t have to be this way” is the title of an article in the University of Florida student newspaper The Alligator. Only 78 people were granted permission to teach remotely out of 222 who applied. Here at UCF 311 people applied for a waiver to teach online and 271 were approved.

At Florida State University students are not returning until after the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.

Work Stoppages and Strikes

United Faculty of Florida has asked me to share the following announcement I have posted on our webpage. Please read over their guidelines for “Penalties of Collective Work Stoppages, Strikes and “Sick Outs” in Florida.”

The Diversity and Inclusive Culture MOU

Don’t forget to vote on the ratification of the the Diversity and Inclusive Culture MOU. The Bargaining Team worked hard over the course of many months to finalize that MOU, please make their efforts worth it and vote. If you need directions for how to vote please reply to this email and I will send you the information. You have until Monday December 7 at 11:56pm to vote.

Have a safe and healthy break.

In Solidarity,

Robert Cassanello
UFF-UCF President