As we have begun our union work this year on behalf of our members, we wanted to take the time to repeat a message we’ve offered before. We value and respect the work of our members and union leaders who have served in the past and who continue to serve our UCF community with dignity and respect for the sake of justice and the common good.

A union is not only built upon united and common purpose but also mutual respect and understanding. We the Executive Officers of UFF-UCF point to the UCF Code of Conduct and concur that “We do not tolerate harassment, mistreatment, belittling, harming, or taking advantage of others.” We acknowledge and respect the hard work of our members who give part of their salaries so the entire bargaining unit is represented. But most of all we are in debt to the members who volunteer their time to represent you at the bargaining table, in grievances, on Council, and on committees to make sure your union works for you.

Some of the people who faithfully serve you have been publicly targeted with invective and harassment. These are the very people to whom we, as a union, owe a debt of gratitude for serving tirelessly to keep our union working. We want to publicly thank Shelley Park, Jennifer Sandoval, Blake Scott and Mason Cash for serving the union, representing our bargaining unit with integrity, and putting our collective interests above their own. Without their leadership, our union would be weaker and our community less well off. We are and continue to be grateful for your time and energy!

Thank you, all.

Robert Cassanello, UFF-UCF President
Beatriz Reyes-Foster, UFF-UCF Vice President
Michael Armato, UFF-UCF Secretary
Jonathan Beever, UFF-UCF Treasurer