2022 UFF-UCF Officer Elections

Below are the nominations for the 2022 UFF-UCF officer elections, held every two years in accordance with the UFF-UCF bylaws.

Write-in nominations are accepted. Aside from the four positions of the executive council, there are 21 seats for senators and 21 seats for alternate senators.



Executive Council Nominees

Nominee Position
Robert Cassanello President
empty Vice-President
Mike Armato Secretary
Jonathan Beaver Treasurer

UFF-UCF Senator Nominees

Nominee Position
Michael Armato Senator
Sandy Avila Senator
Daniel Eadens Senator
Nick-Myrca Gauthier Senator
Shelley Park Senator
Leandra Preston-Sidler Senator
John Raible Senator
Less Ross Senator
Nick Shrubsole Senator
12 Empty Senator

UFF-UCF Alternate Senator Nominees

Nominee Position
Farrah Cato Alternate Senator
Kevin Coffey Alternate Senator
Michelle Dusseau Alternate Senator
Daniel Eadens Alternate Senator
Nick-Myrca Gauthier Alternate Senator
Talat Rahman Alternate Senator
Claudia Schippert Alternate Senator
14 Empty Alternate Senator

FEA Delegates

UFF-UCF can elect up to 10 FEA delegates and up to 10 FEA alternate delegates.

Nominee Position
David Young FEA Delegate
Stephanie Wheeler FEA Alternate Delegate
Empty FEA Delegate
Empty FEA Alternate Delegate

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