Collective Bargaining

      Bargaining for Our Contract

Your union’s bargaining team is made up of volunteer faculty members just like you, not lawyers. They negotiate this contract with the UCF Administration and Board of Trustees (BOT). It is important to emphasize that since it is a mutual agreement, both the UFF leadership and the UCF leadership agree about the contract’s language. Your bargaining team needs your support and input in this process.

The full contract (or full book) is bargained every three years. However, each year there are “reopeners,” which need to be bargained. For example, Article 23 Salaries is bargained every year. Therefore, bargaining is almost always ongoing.

Full minutes and audio of bargaining sessions are on UCF’s Collective Bargaining website.

      Get in Touch with Bargaining

Whether you’d like to join the bargaining team  or just provide some feedback. You are welcome to either get in touch with leadership using the contact form or by visiting the leadership page to message the current bargaining committee chair.

      Coming Up

Upcoming Events

11:00 am UFF-UCF Council Meeting
UFF-UCF Council Meeting
Apr 20 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Please contact for a Zoom link to this meeting.
1:30 pm Bargaining Session
Bargaining Session
Apr 28 @ 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
All bargaining sessions will be conducted via Zoom. To get the information for joining the session, please contact  
11:00 am Exceuctive Council Meeting
Exceuctive Council Meeting
May 11 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Please contact for a Zoom link to this meeting.

      Latest Bargaining News

Mail Ratification for Article 23

This is the official announcement that we will be having a mail ratification for Article 23, recently bargained by the UFF-UCF Bargaining Team. I will send out reminder announcements as well in the new year.  I ask that you look over the tentative agreement for...

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Article 23 Ratification Update

I will be updating you on the ratification process for Article 23 over the coming weeks. There are various steps, many still to be worked out. What I would like to announce is that we will be having a ratification by mail, I will formally announce this when all the...

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