Advice for Grievances

Practical Advice to Protect Your Rights

If confronted suddenly with charges, remain calm and courteous.

Ask that your UFF representative or a colleague be present in any conference that you believe may be accusatory, investigatory, or disciplinary. See the information about the “Weingarten Rule.”

Listen carefully and then ask for time to think or to secure information.

Make written notes of the events which occur in any confrontation or accusatory session, or of any other action which appears to be related. Take down every detail, including names of witnesses and others involved while the details are fresh in your mind. Note the date of each occurrence as they occur. 


In the event of a confrontation or threat to your job

  • DO NOT resign your position, or sign any papers, forms, or documents.
  • DO NOT agree to anything orally.
  • DO NOT make public statements.
  • DO NOT seek private legal assistance.
  • DO NOT pursue your case on your own, prior to getting advice from United Faculty of Florida.
  • DO keep copies of all written communication, emails, evaluations, contracts, together with notes on any conferences or confrontations.

Notify your chapter grievance representative

Fill out the short form on the grievance page if you feel your rights have been violated. Review the Weingarten rule before meeting with your representative. 


Weingarten Rule

Because you are covered by a union contract, if you are a dues-paying UFF member you have an important legal right: the right to union representation during a meeting with a supervisor.

If you believe the meeting could result in discipline or could affect your personal working conditions, YOU must clearly state your concern and clearly request union representation. The meeting can then be delayed until you are able to talk with a union representative.

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