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Salary MOU Ratification Results

We completed the ratification vote today at 3:30pm for the Salary MOU and counted the ballots at 4:00pm. In total we had 106 votes cast. We counted 103 yes votes, 2 no votes and 1 ballot with no vote selected.

I want to thank everyone who came out to vote in today’s ratification. And I would like to thank the Bargaining Team for bringing us the MOU to ratify.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

In Solidarity,

Robert Cassanello,
UFF-UCF, President

One-Time Payment Discrepancy Resolution

This is an update on the one-time payment discrepancies. For those who are on a summer contract you will know that UCF did not calculate the one time payment correctly so what you received was less than what was featured on the chart. UCF is aware of this error by payroll, the people calculating the amount of the payment did so based only on your summer contract not your regular contract for the academic year. As such many of your summer contracts are not at 1.0 FTE and so the amount disbursed was less than that featured on the chart.

I met with UCF to let me know their solution to this problem. UCF payroll will distribute a check on June 10 for those who were impacted by this error. This will be a check to make up for the missing amount on your June 3 check.

By June 10 you should be able to calculate both amounts to determine whether you received what you expected based on the salary chart from the MOU.

If on June 10 this has not been resolved for you please email me ASAP so I can address this for you before June 30th.

In Solidarity,

Robert Cassanello,
UFF-UCF, President

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Salary MOU Ratification Coming Next

This is to announce that we have a signed Salary MOU. You can read it here. What this means is we will begin the ratification process tomorrow sometime with an announcement of all the details. We are still working out the locations and logistics to ratification. We...

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Salary MOU Bargaining Today

On Monday May 16 at 2pm we will have the next Bargaining Session, which we hope to wrap up this MOU. It now appears on the UCF Events Calendar. You can access the Zoom link directly here. The bargaining team would like to thank everyone who attended the bargaining...

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Salary MOU Details and Feedback

UCF delivered a Salary MOU to us for consideration. You can read the Salary MOU here. The proposal has a tiered structure based on your annual salary. We were told that UCF could offer a one flat amount for everyone at $2,516. Please look over the MOU, be sure to read...

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UFF-UCF Update

Change in W-2 and Pay Stub Access As many of you might have already heard UCF is switching to a new online Human Resources Management System called “Workday.” What we want to point out is that starting June 30, you will no longer have access to historic payroll...

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