Did You Know?

UCF faculty who are in the bargaining unit have certain rights, protections, privileges, and obligations enshrined in our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Your union’s bargaining team (made up of professors just like you) negotiated this contract with the UCF Administration and Board of Trustees. It is important to emphasize that since it is a mutual agreement, both the UFF leadership and the UCF leadership agree about the contract’s language.

Frequently, we find that many faculty aren’t aware just how good their CBA is! To rectify this, in 2015 your union started the “Did You Know?” campaign to inform faculty by email of many of the useful rights and tidbits that we have in our contract. The list below is the archive of those emails. Click on a link to check out a graphic with more info.

  1. Your intellectual content belongs to you.
  2. UFF is the exclusive bargaining agent for faculty.
  3. UFF regularly consults with the Provost about working conditions.
  4. You have a right to a safe working environment. [And here is an extra version of that.]
  5. You are not required to claim sick leave unless you miss an assigned duty.
  6. The time limit for filing a grievance is within 30 days of the supposed contract violation.
  7. You cannot be penalized for being active in your union.
  8. You have a right to a reasonable assignment with adequate notice.
  9. You should be scheduled for no more than 40 hours during the work week.
  10. Your right to determine grades is part of your academic freedom.
  11. You have a right to adequate time to prepare for your teaching, research, and service assignments.
  12. You have a right to union representation at any disciplinary meeting.
  13. Your annual report can be due no earlier than 14 days after you’ve received your SPI results.
  14. Changes to your unit’s AESP must be done by secret ballot.
  15. Our union protects members’ rights.
  16. Our union protects members from unfair evaluations.
  17. Academic freedom includes having the responsibility to clearly indicate when you are not speaking on behalf of the university.
  18. Retired faculty are entitled to the same benefits as active employees.
  19. Your supervisor should honor your teaching preferences to the extent possible.
  20. Faculty members with student debt may qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.
  21. There is a UCF policy that lists syllabi requirements and suggestions.
  22. As a state employee, you are eligible for free tuition at UCF.
  23. UFF was started by faculty in 1968 to fight discrimination and harassment in academia.
  24. Florida is a “right-to-work” state, but UFF is stronger at the bargaining table when we have more members.
  25. Our union accomplishes things collectively that faculty cannot accomplish alone.
  26. UFF members automatically get the benefits offered by NEA, AFT, and FEA. And there are many, many benefits.
  27. UCF’s tenure system is protected by our Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  28. You cannot be asked to waive your rights in the CBA.
  29. The CBA gives you certain rights in case of non-reappointment or layoff.
  30. All state employees are protected via sovereign immunity from liability while doing our jobs.
  31. The national unions that UFF is a part of are fighting for contingent faculty.
  32. The 2015-2018 contract has a paid parental leave program. It gives you many options for taking a leave.
  33. Volunteering with UFF counts as professional service.
  34. The Spring 2016 raises are being distributed to faculty in early February.
  35. You should learn CPR! Don’t worry, you’re protected by sovereign immunity.
  36. You only need to claim sick leave if you miss an assigned duty.
  37. A printed copy of the new 2015-2018 CBA is on its way to your campus mailbox.
  38. We are running “Recruitment Days” in the Spring 2016 semester. Sign up and visit with your fellow faculty!
  39. You may be able to deduct union dues from your taxes as unreimbursed employee expenses.
  40. You may be eligible to get a sick-leave payout if you leave UCF.
  41. There are excellent reasons to join the Sick Leave Pool.
  42. Nine-month faculty can enroll in a twelve-month salary plan.
  43. Summer appointments should be offered equitably and as appropriate to qualified employees.
  44. Out-of-unit folks (adjuncts, retirees, etc.) can be members of UFF too!
  45. You have the right to access your evaluation file.
  46. UFF represents many classes of employment and job titles, not just teaching faculty!
  47. Some tasks are reserved for management, and supervisors shouldn’t force faculty to do them.
  48. Faculty in each unit should participate in self-governance by creating by-laws/guidelines/policies.
  49. Our union protects faculty from unfair annual evaluations.
  50. Our current CBA is in effect through August 2018.
  51. UFF and UCF both need for you to have your updated, correct info in PeopleSoft.
  52. Revisions to AESPs in your unit should be voted on by secret ballot.
  53. You do not lose sick leave after taking paid parental leave until after separating from UCF.
  54. UFF encourages all eligible faculty to vote!
  55. Our UFF chapter won its third Gold Membership Award in a row!
  56. UFF thanks all its members for helping UFF grow!
  57. UFF, President Hitt, and many other campus groups have a coalition statement on upholding UCF’s Creed and President Hitt’s Five Goals.
  58. UFF protects and supports our profession.
  59. Faculty play a key role in developing their own evaluation criteria.
  60. You can help UFF bargain for the raise you deserve.
  61. You can ask for an ADI to boost your salary.
  62. There are several reasons you might deserve an ADI.
  63. You are not required to claim sick leave unless you miss an assigned duty.