Bargaining Session Dec. 15 @ 1:30pm

Below is the UFF-UCF Bargaining Update. We will have another bargaining session on December 15, 2021 at 1:30pm. You can access the virtual meeting link here:

The December 1 Bargaining Session

The December 1 Bargaining Session was eventful in that UCF is continuing to push many changes the BOT want to see in the contract all at one time. The nature of these changes, the number of changes and the tangible rights preserved in the contract UCF wishes to abolish makes us certain we will be bargaining this contract well into the spring. Unfortunately UCF has stated they will not agree to raises until the full contract is negotiated, otherwise we could deliver raises and one time payments while we negotiate the rest of the contract. Our (UFF’s) position is to negotiate the best working conditions possible, including salary. If you could not attend you can listen to the recording of the session here:

Article 23 Salaries

UCF responded to our previous proposal of a 3% raise with again a 2.5% counter. Our bargaining team submitted a new proposal of a 3.5% raise paid for by reducing Administrative Discretionary Increases (ADIs) to a cost of 0.

We will hear their response at the December 15th session.

Article 17 Leaves

Also UCF wants to end the sick leave payout to employees hired the academic year following adoption of the contract (presumably fall 2022). What UCF wants to reduce in the Leave Article is a reduction of paid parental leave for 12-month employees from 16 weeks to 6 weeks. You can read their draft proposal for yourselves here.

Article 16 Letters of Counsel Disciplinary Action, and Job Abandonment

UCF wants to reduce the time one can appeal a disciplinary action from 14 days to just 7 days. UCF also wants the following: “Employees who exhibit repeated examples of different types of misconduct may receive more severe discipline. Progressive discipline does not have to initiate with a written reprimand; if circumstances warrant, discipline may start with suspension or termination.“ This could be the end of progressive discipline if it can start with a suspension or termination, not letter of instruction or counsel preceding. You can read their proposal here.

Article 22 Sabbaticals and Professional Development Programs

UCF wants to reduce the number of possible semesters available for Sabbaticals for Non Tenure Earning Faculty from the option of one semester or two semesters at three-fourths page to only one semester. Only 4 faculty members took Professional Development Leave yet UCF wants these changes because of only 4 people.

Article 13 Layoff and Recall

UCF wants to change Layoff Considerations by moving tenure track employees into the category of non-tenured employees. Currently tenure track employees are categorized with tenured employees during layoff considerations. Please look over the UCF proposal here:

Article 12 Non-Reappointment

UCF wants to introduce a secondary date for non-reappointment for non-tenured faculty. Currently non-reappointed faculty have to be notified by September 30, but UCF wants to add a secondary date of January 31 which could render September 30 irrelevant since both notices would result in the same termination date.

Keep Yourself Informed

Our Bargaining Team is working hard to maintain the rights already in our contract. These articles represent the greatest challenge to us in these current full book negotiations. Please look them over and read over the language so you know how all this impacts you. Please reach out to us if you have any comments or concerns.

In solidarity,

Robert Cassanello
UFF-UCF, President