Bargaining Session Tomorrow (10-27-2021)

We will have a bargaining session tomorrow (Wednesday October 27, 2021) at 1:30pm. We hope to hear a response to our counter offer on Article 23: Salaries. We responded with a 3.5% raise at the last session. Please attend if you can make it and learn about the bargaining process and hear the latest about Article 23. You can access the bargaining session virtual on Zoom here.

Tenure at the University of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii is the latest university to consider revising tenure with post tenure review and means to terminate faculty. The measure was halted because faculty organized and came out to protest the measure. Our union is keeping tabs on the Florida Legislature and any attempts to revise or abolish tenure in the state and we will update you to this and other legislation impacting higher education in Florida.

Robert Cassanello
UFF-UCF, President