Despite COVID, your faculty union UFF-UCF works for faculty! During 2020, it completed the negotiation of five MOUs, closed three reopener articles, and closed the salary article for 2020-2021. After a long stand-down the administration will offer a one-time payment to all our bargaining unit. UFF is the exclusive union to negotiate on faculty’s behalf.

After repeatedly taking no for an answer and being told there was no money, we are pleased to inform you that we have closed out Article 23 Salaries with a one time $1,200 payment. We have been praised time and time over this year about how the administration was pleased with our performance throughout the pandemic. Your union and your bargaining team is glad that UCF is acknowledging and thanking you all for the hard work you have done and continue to do during this emergency time.

I will follow this message up with next steps. Please continue to check your email for further updates.

In Solidarity,

Robert Cassanello
President, UFF-UCF