As of October 9th, 213,000 American lives have been lost to Covid-19 and the numbers are projected to double by the end of the year. With no approved vaccine in sight, fully reopening campuses is irresponsible, dangerous, and puts our students, faculty, and communities at risk.

We demand that Governor Ron DeSantis:

  1. Implement statewide safety protocols, including testing and tracking mandates, for colleges and universities.
  2. Delay implementation of his “Bill of Rights to Party” until the majority of scientists, medical professionals, and the CDC say it is safe.
  3. Implement rational mandates for attendance in stadiums and at other public gatherings to prevent further super-spreader events on our campuses and in our communities.
  4. Include input from faculty leaders, epidemiologists, and public health experts.


  1. Sign and Share our Statewide Petition  use our hashtag #StopTheDeSanity
  2. Call Governor Ron DeSantis at (850) 717-9337. Demand a safe reopening of our college and university campuses. Use demands listed above.
  3. Get your Students out to Vote!

From now until Nov. 3rd, make GOTV announcements in your virtual classrooms.

Provide students the information they need to vote by mail, vote early, and vote in person!

Find your SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS by visiting the Florida Elections website