Our UFF-UCF Bargaining Team was back in session Tuesday morning, negotiating the contract topics of Benefits and Appointments with the UCF Board of Trustees team. This was our 29th bargaining session for the current 2018-2021 contract.

Article 24, Benefits, was first on the table, with UCF Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Chuck Reilly offering an alternative to phased retirement for discussion. The proposal is to delete the Phased Retirement Program from the contract (24.5), for a new “Transition-to-Retirement Program” (T2RP) in its place.

UFF-UCF Chief Negotiator Dr. Jen Sandoval, UFF-UCF employment attorney Richard Siwica, and our leadership team will review this newly-proposed program for us before our next bargaining session. Both the BOT and UFF-UCF will research retirement plans that address our faculty members’ needs.

Next up for discussion was Article 8, Appointment. The BOT handed out a proposal with possibly negative changes but the team negotiated to remain at status quo with only a few language changes to add clarity to the article. We TA’d (“tentatively agreed”) on Article 8.

Our next bargaining session, number 30, is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11,  from 10:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. in Millican Hall meeting room MH 395-E (the Provost Conference Room).

We will discuss Article 24 again and Article 9, Assignment of Responsibilities, at the next session. Learn more about our bargaining process and see all upcoming session dates on our Bargaining page.

Below is a list of those who attended Tuesday, May 21.

UFF-UCF Bargaining Team (The Faculty Union):

  • Jennifer Sandoval – UFF-UCF Chief Negotiator
  • Yovanna Pineda – UFF-UCF Treasurer
  • Scott Launier – UFF-UCF President
  • John Raible – UFF-UCF Bargaining Team
  • Richard Siwica – UFF-UCF Employment Attorney

UCF Board of Trustees Bargaining Team (The University BOT):

  • Michael Mattimore – UCF Employment Lawyer, Managing Partner of Allen Norton & Blue, P.A.
  • Sara H. Potter – UCF Associate General Counsel
  • Charles “Chuck” Reilly – UCF Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Charlie Piper – UCF Assistant Director, Contract Compliance and Administrator Support

Session Guests:

  • Aisha Morfe-Bencosm – UCF Benefits Assistant Manager
  • Ashley Longoria – UCF HR Associate Director, Benefits & Leave Administration
  • Briannis Weston – UCF Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost
  • Michael Armato – UFF-UCF Secretary
  • Louis Torretta – Legal intern with Richard Siwica and UCF graduate
  • Dave Plotkin – UFF-UCF Communications

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