Our faculty union returns to the bargaining table this morning.  Listen to the audio around minute 20 to hear
Chief Negotiator Jen Sandoval present a master class in how to argue for upholding faculty rights to non-reappointment.

A picture of John Raible (left) and Charlie Piper (right) looking together at a laptop screen.

Bargaining team member John Raible & UCF administrator Charlie Piper working together
to come to an agreement on Article 12 — Non-Reappointment, and Article 13 — Layoffs and Recall.

A picture of UFF-UCF Chief Negotiator Jennifer Sandoval signing a tentative agreement to Article 12.

We have signed a Tentative Agreement on Article 12 — Non-Reappointment, and Article 13 — Layoffs and Recall!
Our team has successfully protected faculty non-reappointment rights.  And for the first time ever, auxiliary funded employees will have contractual rights to non-reappointment notice.  Thank you Bargaining Team!

Additional items of note:

  • We offered a creative 2-yr salary package that the administration is considering
  • We reached agreement to keep Article 8–Appointment status quo with an automatic reopener for future negotiation
  • We are close to agreeing on near status quo language for Article 16- Discipline;  Article 18–Inventions and Works; and Article 24–Benefits