A picture of the bargaining teams at the Feb 22, 2019 bargaining session.

Our faculty union returns to the bargaining table this morning.  Listen to the audio around minute 20 to hear
Chief Negotiator Jen Sandoval present a master class in how to argue for upholding faculty rights to non-reappointment.

A picture of John Raible (left) and Charlie Piper (right) looking together at a laptop screen.

Bargaining team member John Raible & UCF administrator Charlie Piper working together
to come to an agreement on Article 12 — Non-Reappointment, and Article 13 — Layoffs and Recall.

A picture of UFF-UCF Chief Negotiator Jennifer Sandoval signing a tentative agreement to Article 12.

We have signed a Tentative Agreement on Article 12 — Non-Reappointment, and Article 13 — Layoffs and Recall!
Our team has successfully protected faculty non-reappointment rights.  And for the first time ever, auxiliary funded employees will have contractual rights to non-reappointment notice.  Thank you Bargaining Team!

Additional items of note:

  • We offered a creative 2-yr salary package that the administration is considering
  • We reached agreement to keep Article 8–Appointment status quo with an automatic reopener for future negotiation
  • We are close to agreeing on near status quo language for Article 16- Discipline;  Article 18–Inventions and Works; and Article 24–Benefits