Departmental Evaluation Criteria

This page is no longer being updated.

Please visit individual department websites or the UCF Academic Affairs website for links to the standards and criteria for faculty evaluation.



The following evaluation standards have been approved by the president’s representative. Their posting here should not necessarily be taken to indicate UFF’s agreement that the standards adhere to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. If you believe the approved standards of your unit violate Article 10 of the CBA, please contact Grievance Chair Blake Scott or another member of your grievance committee.

Accounting Evaluation
Anthropology Evaluation
Art Evaluation
Biomolecular Science Center Evaluation
Child Family and Community Sciences Evaluation
Civil and Environmental Engineering Evaluation
Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Evaluation,
Continuing Education Center for Multilingual Multicultural Studies Evaluation
Digital Media Evaluation
Economics Evaluation
Educational Studies Evaluation
Educational Research, Technology and Leadership Evaluation
Educational and Human Services Evaluation
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Evaluation
English Evaluation
Engineering Technology Evaluation,
Experiential Education Evaluation
Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Evaluation
Film Evaluation
Finance Evaluation
Florida Solar Energy Center Evaluation
Food Service and Lodging Management Evaluation
History Evaluation
Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Evaluation
Institute for Simulation and Training Evaluation
Judaic Studies Evaluation
Management Evaluation
Marketing Evaluation,
Management Information Systems Evaluation
Math Lecturers and Instructors Evaluation
Math Tenured and Tenure Earning Faculty Evaluation
Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering Part 1,
Part 2
Modern Languages and Literatures Evaluation
Molecular Biology and Microbiology Evaluation
Music Evaluation
NanoScience Technology Center Evaluation
Nicholson School of Communication Evaluation
Nursing Evaluation
Optics Evaluation
Philosophy Evaluation
Political Science Lecturers and Instructors Evaluation
Political Science Visiting Faculty Evaluation
Political Science Tenured and Tenure Earning Faculty Evaluation
Psychology Evaluation
Public Affairs Evaluation
Student Development and Enrollment Services Evaluation,
Social Work Teaching,
Sociology Evaluation
Sports Management Evaluation
Statistics Evaluation
Teaching and Learning Principles Evaluation
The Burnett Honors College Evaluation
Theatre Evaluation
Women’s Studies Evaluation
Writing and Rhetoric Evaluation