As a UFF member, you automatically receive certain benefits, such as $1 million employment liability coverage and two free 30 minute consultations with a participating attorney each year. Take advantage of the many other benefits available: loans, mortgages, insurance, and discounts on hotels, car rentals, cellular phone plans, and even pet insurance. It is entirely possible to save more money from the discounts than you pay in dues annually. Be sure to explore member benefits available from both NEA and AFT since you belong to both national organizations through UFF.

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Need to find a union-friendly lawyer?

The AFL-CIO (of which AFT is affiliated) maintains a database of lawyers on its “UnionPlus” website. On that form, fill in the zip code and specify the state as “FL”. If you want to choose a union, choose “AFT” or “Teachers”, although when last checked (October 2014), that didn’t seem to affect the list of lawyers that the form returns. You also may call 1-888-993-8886, M-F 9:00 to 7:00 ET, for legal-aid services, including some free consultation time!