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Update on Collective Bargaining as of August 1st 2017

Here is the text of an email sent to the Bargaining Unit on August 1, 2017.

Dear Colleagues:

Forty faculty participated in the last bargaining session. Such a large turnout demonstrates that faculty care about the result and reinforces our position in negotiations. We hope that even more faculty support us at the next bargaining session: Friday, August 11th, noon – 2:00 p.m. in MH 395E.

Collective bargaining for our 2017-2018 salaries began in March and our UFF-UCF team is working hard to conclude negotiations before Fall Semester begins. Here is a chart that summarizes the current positions.

UFF proposal Board of Trustees’ proposal
Promotion increases for full professors 10% 10%
Promotion increases for all other ranks 10% Status quo: 9%
Across the board increase 2.6%1 2.25%; flexible on distribution between across-the-board and merit
Merit increase
Equity increase $250,000 to lowest-paid faculty $250,000 to lowest-paid faculty
Incentive awards 50 TIP, 50 RIA & 10 SoTL. Faculty eligible every 5 years and no other eligibility criteria. Streamlined application process. 50 TIP, 50 RIA & 10 SoTL. Maintain current Student Credit Hour production criteria for TIP awards and most of current application process.
Administrative discretionary increases (ADI) Status quo Status quo
Administrative salary stipends Mandatory; at least $5,000 for any faculty member who performs a specific, titled administrative function Status quo; no guaranteed compensation for assistant and associate chairs, program directors, etc.

All bargaining proposals and handouts are available on-line at

The next bargaining session is Friday, August 11th, noon – 2:00 p.m. in MH 395E. Please come support your bargaining team.  Your raise depends on turnout!

As always, if you are not already an active member of UFF-UCF, please join us.

Best regards,

John E. Fauth, Chief Contract Negotiator (Biology Department)
Lee E. Ross (Criminal Justice)
Nick Shrubsole (Philosophy)
John Raible (Center for Distributed Learning)
Yovanna Pineda (History)

United Faculty of Florida
UCF Chapter Council

1 1% above the current inflation rate, which is the same position as in UFF’s initial proposal of March, 2017.