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Update on Collective Bargaining for 2015-2018 contract (Nov. 10, 2015)

Check out the update about Collective Bargaining from our UFF-UCF Chief Negotiator, Professor John Fauth of Biology. This info was emailed to faculty in the Bargaining Unit on November 10, 2015.

Dear colleagues:

In the immortal words of American icon Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.”

After 16 months of negotiations, our faculty union has reached agreement with the BOT team on the entire Collective Bargaining Agreement except for one article:  Article 12 – Non-reappointment. The BOT team is deliberating our proposal that retains a set date when UCF must give notice of non-renewal to employees who have completed two or more years of continuous service. This important clause, currently in our collective bargaining agreement from past negotiations, is a vital concern of all instructors, lecturers, and non-tenured faculty members. Help us complete bargaining and retain the current notification process by joining us for the November 12th bargaining session, 2:00 – 5:00 in EDU 305.

We have reached agreement on several issues that reward our hardworking faculty and strengthen UCF’s ability to recruit and retain excellent faculty:

  • salary increases and a full slate of awards
  • a strong paid parental leave program
  • a commitment from the university to bargain a tuition waiver program for family members and implement it by Fall, 2016.

We provide more details about these below, but please know that changes to the collective bargaining agreement are official only after the CBA is ratified by our bargaining unit and the BOT. Please be patient, as concluding negotiations and ratifying the contract may take some time.

Below are key components of what both sides tentatively agreed to include in the 2015-2018 CBA:

  • Salaries: 1% across-the-board and a 2% merit pool, effective January 15, 2016; a one-time payment of $1,375 on that date in lieu of retroactive payment; retaining the current suite of TIPs, RIAs, SOTLs and other awards; and 1.5% ADI that expires August 31, 2016. See the complete article at . Salaries will be a subject of bargaining again next year.

Our UFF negotiating team asks everyone to thank Yovanna Pineda (History Department) and members of the Family Life Focus Group for their hard work on parental leave; Mason Cash (Philosophy Department) for spearheading our new Bargaining Caucus Team; and Lindee Owens (Dept. of Writing and Rhetoric) for spearheading our new Bargaining Research Team.

And if you are not already a dues-paying member of UFF-UCF, please consider becoming one. We continue to experience a surge in membership and invite you to join us through the UFF-UCF web site. Continued progress at the bargaining table – and elsewhere – depends on your support.

Best regards,
John E. Fauth, Chief Contract Negotiator

Barbara A. Fritzsche

Lee E. Ross

Nick Shrubsole

United Faculty of Florida
UCF Chapter Council