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Collective bargaining finished for 2015-2018 contract

Read the message below from Prof. John Fauth (Biology; UFF-UCF Chief Negotiator) about the conclusion to Bargaining for the year! This was sent out as an email to the Bargining Unit on November 18, 2015. You can see the whole new CBA here, and check out individual articles here.

Dear Colleagues:

We have a tentative contract! Next step: ratification.

After thirteen months of nonconfrontational bargaining, we are pleased to inform you that both sides have reached agreement. The UCF Board of Trustees is scheduled to vote on the tentative contract Thursday afternoon, November 19th. If the BOT approves the contract, the last remaining step is your approval. We expect to hold the UFF vote during the first two weeks in December.

Our negotiating team and the BOT team agreed to make several long-overdue changes in the contract that will improve working conditions for faculty, reward faculty for their efforts, increase our ability to practice our professions, and help transform UCF into a stronger, more vibrant and inclusive community. Major changes in the tentative contract include:

Bargaining of re-openable articles (listed in Article 30; see, including summer appointments and tuition benefits for family members, will begin next spring. Continued progress at the bargaining table – and elsewhere – depends on your support. If you are not already a member of UFF-UCF, please consider joining us through the UFF-UCF web site, or by contacting Yan Fernandez ( or Lee Ross (

Best regards,
John E. Fauth, Chief Contract Negotiator

Barbara A. Fritzsche

Lee E. Ross

Nick Shrubsole

United Faculty of Florida
UCF Chapter Council