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Election Results for 2015-16 Chapter Council

The following email was sent to the Bargaining Unit on April 16, 2015, from the UFF-UCF Chapter Nominating Committee.

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the results of the just-concluded election for the 2015-16 UFF-UCF Chapter Council. The new Council will start its term on September 1, 2015. Please join us in congratulating the incoming councilors, and thanking the outgoing councilors for their efforts!

President: Scott Launier (Writing & Rhetoric)
Vice-President: Lee Ross (Criminal Justice)
Secretary: Stacy Barber (Anthropology)
Treasurer: Barry Mauer (English)

Senator (15 seats, listed alphabetically):
Pat Angley (English)
Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens (Ctr. for Distributed Learning)
John Fauth (Biology)
Yan Fernandez (Physics)
Terri Fine (Political Science)
Christopher Harris (Visual Arts & Design)
Scott Launier (Writing and Rhetoric)
Donna Malvey (Health Mgmt. & Informatics)
Barry Mauer (English)
Patti McCall (Library)
Dan Murphree (History)
Yovanna Pineda (History)
Lee Ross (Criminal Justice)
Meredith Tweed (Women’s Studies)
Keri Watson (Visual Arts & Design)

Alternate Senator (13 seats, listed alphabetically):
Stacy Barber (Anthropology)
Mason Cash (Philosophy)
Joe Cho (Mech. & Aero. Engineering)
Keith Folse (Mod. Lang. & Lit.)
Richard Harrison (Library)
Paul Leader (Communication)
Florin Mihai (Mod. Lang. & Lit.)
Joanna Mishtal (Anthropology)
Shelley Park (Philosophy)
Beatriz Reyes-Foster (Anthropology)
Claudia Schippert (Philosophy)
Charlotte Trinquet (Mod. Lang. & Lit.)
Thomas Wright (Writing and Rhetoric)

FEA Delegate (6 seats, listed alphabetically)
Scott Launier (Writing and Rhetoric)
Paul Leader (Communication)
Lee Ross (Criminal Justice)
Beth Young (English)
David Young (Communication)
Keri Watson (Visual Arts & Design)

Thanks to all who voted, and to all who agreed to serve!

In solidarity,
UFF-UCF Chapter Nominating Committee
Yan Fernandez, Physics
Beatriz Reyes-Foster, Anthropology