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Two UFF-UCF Council Resolutions on Current Issues

The following email was sent to the Bargaining Unit on March 3rd, 2015, from chapter president Jim Gilkeson. The resolutions mentioned below are available here:

Dear Colleagues,

At our February UFF-UCF Council meeting, the Council voted to approve two resolutions regarding issues that have been appearing quite frequently in the news. I summarize these resolutions below. The full text of the resolutions is available on the UFF-UCF website.

1. The Council passed a resolution about the current bills before the Legislature — HB 4005 and SB 176 — concerning firearms on university campuses. In agreement with virtually every university BOT, university president, faculty senate, and UFF chapter across the state, the UFF-UCF Council opposes these bills.

2. The Council passed a resolution about academic freedom and independence from donor dictation. Recent events at FSU suggest that universities must be wary of undue external influence on academic freedom. The UFF-UCF Council urges faculty, administration, and students to support and defend academic freedom in order to meet the goals of higher education.

Please read the resolutions in full on the UFF-UCF website, and contact me or any of your UFF-UCF leadership if you have questions.

In solidarity,
Jim Gilkeson, UFF-UCF Chapter President