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Bargaining Update: Results After 1st and 2nd Session

[Updated November 7th, 2014.] Your UFF bargaining team — made up of faculty just like you — has had two bargaining sessions so far with the Board of Trustees’ team, and the negotiations are moving along! There are 32 Articles in our contract, and we already have tentative agreements (“TAs”) on 12 of them:

  • Article 1 – Recognition (same as previous contract);
  • Article 4 – Management Rights (same as previous contract);
  • Article 7 – Minutes, Regulations, Budgets, and Reports (reduced the number of salary documents that Administration must provide to UFF, though we now just have to verify the spreadsheet entries in the required reporting);
  • Article 10 – Employee Performance Evaluations (same as previous contract);
  • Article 11 – Evaluation File (same as previous contract);
  • Article 14 – Promotion Procedure (same as previous contract);
  • Article 15 – Tenure (same as previous contract);
  • Article 18 – Inventions and Works (almost same as previous contract, just need to correct three typos);
  • Article 25 – UFF Insurance Deduction (same as previous contract);
  • Article 27 – Maintenance of Benefits (same as previous contract);
  • Article 28 – Miscellaneous Provisions (same as previous contract);
  • Article 31 – Totality of Agreement (same as previous contract);

Also we have a TA on the Preamble as well. To view these articles, check out our “Current Proposals” page.

What’s coming up? We are proposing making changes to these Articles:

Article 2 – Consultation

Our proposal increases the number of consultations with the president or the president’s representatives during the academic year, from once per semester to twice per semester. Our position is that increased communication between the faculty’s union and the administration is of mutual benefit and will help to improve UCF.

Article 5 – Academic Freedom

Our proposal explicitly defines academic freedom and includes important protections for faculty addressing the larger community and institutional policy and actions. Our proposal thus adds freedom in service duties to the Article’s pre-existing statement about academic freedom in teaching and research. Our position is that UCF’s stature as a university with a growing international reputation is enhanced by a faculty free to address matters of public concern.

Article 8 – Appointments (which includes Supplemental Summer Appointments and Study Abroad Appointments)

Our proposal reintroduced language from the last full-book negotiation concerning university reporting of summer teaching opportunities, and providing training for faculty who teach in summer study abroad programs. We also proposed eliminating a section imposed at impasse that allows administrators to combine summer study abroad courses that do not meet an (unspecified) minimum enrollment. In addition, we proposed: 1) that each department or unit approve a rotation policy for summer instructional appointments, and 2) that faculty be compensated for thesis and dissertation supervision (and other credit-generating activities) during the summer. Both of these positions had very strong support in the faculty survey.

The next bargaining session is on Wednesday, December 10th, from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in Millican Hall 395. On the agenda are Articles 5 and 8, plus three additional articles that the BOT team proposed could remain at status quo: Articles 19, 22, and 29.

If you have ideas for improving these aspects of your collective bargaining agreement, e-mail us at And please consider becoming an active member of UFF-UCF (if you are not already). Continued progress at the bargaining table – and elsewhere – depends on your support!