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Vote for your 2014-15 UFF-UCF representatives!

Attention dues-paying members of UFF-UCF! It is time for you to vote for your United Faculty of Florida-UCF Representatives for the 2014-15 academic year! You have until Thursday, April 10th to cast your vote.  However, please recognize that we must receive the ballot by April 10th, 2014. Here are the instructions for voting:

1.  Print the instructions and ballot. Word DOC and PDF versions of the ballot are available.

2. Mark your votes on the paper ballot.

3. Insert the ballot in a plain unmarked envelope (Envelope 1).  Do not sign it.

4. Insert the unmarked Envelope 1 with your ballot in another envelope (Envelope 2).

5. Address Envelope 2 to one of these:

By regular mail:

Dr. Claudia Schippert, UFF Election

Department of Philosophy

PSY 241

University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL 32816-1352

OR by campus mail:

Dr. Claudia Schippert

UFF Election

Department of Philosophy

Main campus, +1352

6. Print your name on the back of Envelope 2 which is the addressed envelope and sign the back of Envelope 2 on the seal.

7. Send the envelope to Dr. Schippert by regular mail OR drop it off at Dr. Schippert’s office mailbox in the Psychology Building 221.

All directions must be followed for your vote to count.  Remember we need to receive your ballot by Thursday, April 10th.  Again, only dues-paying members of UFF-UCF are allowed to vote. If you are part of the bargaining unit but not a dues-paying member of UFF, then you cannot vote in this election. Thank you for participating!