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What is an Impasse Hearing?

There have been some questions regarding what exactly the repercussions of Impasse actually are, and what an Impasse Hearing is. Here’s the short summary: After failing to reach agreement over compensation, UFF declared impasse. When the parties are at impasse, they go before the Board of Trustees Labor & Compensation committee and present facts and arguments. The BOT has the power to decide on all pending matters — they can take either the UCF administration team’s position or UFF’s or just about any other position they choose to take (within the law). The hearing will be about an hour and a half. The UFF team will go first for 30 minutes, followed by the administrative team for 30m. There will probably be questions and discussion throughout. Whatever the BOT committee decides must be ratified by the full BOT and the faculty in the bargaining unit (whether UFF members or not). It then becomes part of our CBA.

Please check out UFF’s position on salary increases — our formal position, the position we sent to the BOT, complete with data to back it up — on our website.