Campus News

Data and Documents regarding the Impasse

As you know, we are currently at Impasse over negotations on Article 23 of the CBA. To provide some information and context, we have posted two documents.

One is the formal statement of UFF’s position (PDF file) regarding issues at impasse; this statement was sent to the Board of Trustees.

On page 10 of that document  (in the Appendix), we mention financial audit data compiled from the Florida Auditor General and from UCF reports. Those data are available here as an Excel spreadsheet.

The Administration’s position is available in this document (PDF file).

The Board of Trustees hearing to decide the Impasse will occur on Monday, November 18, from 10:30 to 12:00. The location will be the President’s Board Room on the third floor of Millican Hall. This is a public meeting, so all faculty are welcome to attend!