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2012-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement ratification vote

Below is the email sent out to the entire Bargaining Unit from Jim Gilkeson, our Bargaining Team Co-Chair. Please print out the ballot (DOC or PDF) and vote on the CBA by September 16, 2013!


Dear Colleague:

During negotiations for a 2012-2015 collective bargaining agreement, the UFF and the BOT bargaining teams came to tentative agreement on 29 of 32 articles. The BOT team declared impasse and the BOT imposed language for the remaining three articles.

As a member of the bargaining unit, you now have the opportunity to vote on whether to ratify (approve) the resulting contract. If you vote “YES”, following ratification by the BOT the Agreement will remain in force until August 31, 2015. The UFF and BOT bargaining teams will negotiate only on salary (Article 23) and any other articles both UFF and the BOT agree to reopen for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. If you vote “NO”, the 2010-2012 Agreement (the current status quo) will remain in effect with only the three articles imposed by the BOT replaced and the UFF and BOT bargaining teams will immediately resume negotiations on the full agreement.

Although we are not satisfied with that contract – it provided no raises for last year (2012-13) and strips UFF of important privileges – overall, we ask that you ratify the contract because it contains:

  • a promotion process for instructors and lecturers
  • a clearly specified process for staffing summer study abroad courses
  • the limited same-sex domestic partner benefits offered by the BOT

and other improvements. Therefore UFF encourages you to vote “YES” to approve the full contract. A summary of the substantive changes that would be put in place if the Agreement is ratified can be found here (PDF). We have posted the entire contract on our web site here (PDF).

Voting will take place by using the following process.
1.  Print the Ballot (DOC or PDF), fill in the blank for Yes or No.

2.  Place the ballot in a blank envelope and seal it.

3.  Place that envelope in another envelope, seal it, and clearly print
and sign your name on the back of the envelope.

4.  Address the envelope to: Jim Gilkeson, Department of Finance,
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32816-1400. You can also use
campus mail to send it to: Jim Gilkeson, Department of Finance, 1400.


The ballot and instructions are available on our website (DOC and PDF).

If you have questions about this process, please direct them to me at
Best regards,
Jim Gilkeson
co-chief contract negotiator
United Faculty of Florida
UCF Chapter Council