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Results of the Impasse Hearing

On July 16, the BOT’s Labor and Compensation Committee held the impasse hearing. See below for the message sent to the whole Bargaining Unit from Shelley Park about the results of that hearing.


Dear Colleague:

I am writing to update you about the results of last week’s impasse hearing before the Board of Trustee’s Labor and Compensation Committee. Before the administration declared impasse in April, we successfully negotiated 29 of 32 contract articles. In some cases, both sides agreed to status quo language, in some cases both agreed to improve language to eliminate legal loopholes, and in other cases, both sides agreed to substantive contractual changes such as Instructor promotions and same-sex partner benefits. Only three issues remained when the administration declared impasse: 1) UFF privileges, 2) summer compensation, and 3) salary. As expected, the Board of Trustee’s Labor and Compensation Committee voted unanimously to recommend the impasse positions adopted by the BOT’s bargaining team to the full board.

By article, here are the Labor and Compensation Committee’s recommendations:
Article 3: Starting in Fall 2013, UFF will no longer receive course releases for its work negotiating and enforcing the contract, along with our efforts representing the faculty and offering other relevant services.  However, the Chair of the BOT’s Labor and Compensation Committee emphasized the importance of institutional support for this work and urged the administrative team to revisit this issue in next year’s negotiations.

Article 8: The BOT’s Labor and Compensation Committee adopted the administration’s language on summer study abroad and declined UFF’s request for an annual report detailing summer supplemental contracts. However, they expressed concerns with UCF’s record-keeping and formally recommended that the BOT’s Audit and Finance Committee review administrative records regarding summer contracts.

Article 23:  The BOT’s Labor and Compensation Committee agreed with the administration’s proposal that there be no raises and no administrative discretionary increases (ADI) for 2012-13. However, they expressed the strong hope that a salary package including both raises and ADI would be forthcoming in 2013-14 with its improved financial outlook.
We expect the full BOT will approve this recommendation from its own Labor and Compensation Committee. At that time, we will be back in touch because we must hold a ratification vote by the bargaining unit on the entire contract. For the next two years, we will bargain only salaries (Article 23), unless both sides agree to address something else. Your bargaining team understands that faculty salaries have failed to keep pace with the cost of living and will do everything possible to get decent raises for everyone. As always, you are invited to attend bargaining sessions. The first session of the 2013-14 negotiations will take place August 5th, 1:00-3:30 p.m. in MH 395. This and subsequent dates can be found on the UFF events calendar.

In solidarity,

Shelley Park
UFF-UCF President
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities