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FYI – Link to the state appropriations bill’s text on pay raises

For your information, here are links to the appropriations bill that was passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor. The bill was Senate Bill 1500. You can find the bill (as well as all the laws that were passed at the most recent legislative session) at this “Laws of Florida” page. You can also go straight to the PDF version of the bill itself. The relevant section is Section 8, which starts on page 386. You’ll want to read that page for a discussion of the pay raises for state employees! Specifically, read the “Statement of Purpose,” and subsection (1) parts (a) (b) and (c). Also, check out subsection (2) part (b) on page 388 for a discussion of merit bonuses. (The statute cited in there, FS 110.1245, can be found online.)