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Workshop on Excellence Awards

Applying for UCF Excellence Awards in Teaching, Research, Service, Advising, and Librarianship

UFF-UCF, your faculty union, is sponsoring a workshop outlining the timeline of events that can help you apply for the 5 categories of Excellence Awards at UCF. Excellence Awards offer $2,000 once, which can later lead to TIP, RIA, and SoTL Awards that offer $5,000 added to your base permanently. This session will include an explanation of the awards, a review of the requirements, and a discussion of strategies for presenting your best folder possible. LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED.

Questions addressed may include:

• What are the awards that are available?
• How do I apply for these awards?
• What is the potential relationship between Excellence Awards and RIA/TIP/SoTL?

For your convenience, we are offering TWO sessions this fall:

(1) Tuesday, November 27, 12 noon – 1 p.m., Student Union Building, Key West Room 218C

(2) Wednesday, November 28,  12 noon – 1 p.m., Student Union Building, Key West Room 218D (not 218C)

Handouts will be provided about the awards, and UCF faculty who have received these awards will be on hand to answer questions and offer assistance.


1. Lunch and soft drinks will be provided.

2. Seating is limited, so please RSVP to:

3. This workshop is sponsored by the faculty union and is open to UFF-UCF members only. You may join at the door if you are not a member.

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