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Tuition Hikes Urged by Florida State Universities Wrestling with Loss of Funding

By John Kennedy
Palm Beach Post Capital Bureau

With Gov. Rick Scott still fighting tuition hikes, Florida’s 11 public universities may be forced to wheel-and-deal next week when they go before the higher education system’s Board of Governors.

With schools struggling to cover a $300 million reduction in state funds, most universities, including Boca Raton’s Florida Atlantic University, are expected to seek the maximum allowable 15 percent increase.

The University of Florida has broken ranks, putting a 9 percent boost on the table. And the play – intended as a compromise with the tuition-resistent governor – could trigger a free-spirited run of offers and counteroffers among the schools.

At the very least, many educators predict that – unlike recent years — schools will have to amp-up their sales pitches during the three-days of Board of Governors meetings.

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